What is IMiversity?

When you get right down to it, IMiversity is an educational resource, aimed at teaching people the world over about internet marketing, infused with British humour and (at present) written by a British chap, that would be Tom, usually in his pyjamas.

Tom was born in the UK, and aside from some fun holidays (that you can often read about on IMiversity), Tom has lived in the UK his entire life.  This is why you’ll find the language and the humour quite British in nature, and influenced by the likes of Monty Python, The Office, Red Dwarf, and many of his personal heroes, people like John Cleese, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Fry, Douglas Adams, Lee Evans, and – well – the list is huge and goes on for quite a bit.

In around 2015, Tom had the idea for IMiversity, but he really can’t take all of the credit.

He was having Sunday lunch with his wife and daughter and he mentioned the idea of putting together a blog about internet marketing.  The idea went down about as well as breaking wind (which he also did, and several times).  His wife and daughter unanimously agreed that if he did such a blog, well, it needed to be something really different.

Quite some time later, months, Tom had the idea for IMiversity.  It started out as a domain, and nothing more, and then in 2016, Tom added a campus (vBulletin forum) on the back of IMiversity, where he began teaching his students internet marketing, as he still does to this day.

And it was during this time that Tom continued to think about “it needed to be something really different.”  The ladies were right, Tom knew, they always are, Tom also knew, and although he didn’t get the idea right away, eventually he came around to the idea of making a blog about the things he loves, and still making it about internet marketing.

Well, Tom loves his wife, loves his daughters, loves his two baby grandchildren, loves his mum and dad, and all of them, he almost loves as much as doughnuts, espresso, and cold pizza, but he knew he couldn’t make IMiversity about them – and so, he turned to his other love in life:


IMiversity, Tom felt, should be about internet marketing, yes of course, but infused with humour.  Trouble is?  Well, trouble is, Tom wasn’t (and still isn’t!) a professional humourist (is that even the spelling?!).  He just likes humour.  Loves a good funny movie, same with a novel, and he’s always had a talent for making his grandchildren laugh (though, granted, it’s pretty easy: you just blow a rather loud raspberry).

Undeterred, though, Tom felt the idea had legs.  When you’re a chap like Tom, you see (and, yes, Heaven forbid, I know), working as a blogger and an internet marketer, you constantly find yourself having to keep your knowledge updated.  It isn’t enough to rely on what you know now, you need to make sure you keep current.  Well, as such, Tom has and still does read a lot of online material about internet marketing.

And you know what?

Bloody boring!  Which is not to say the material is no good, no no, some of it is utterly brilliant, but it still generally suffers the same problem (for Tom, at least): it bores the pants of ya so hard, sometimes they sail across the room.  You’ve had it happen to you as well?!

Despite not really knowing how to tell a joke, having never written humour before, Tom knew what he wanted to do.  I went something like this:

“I’ll probably piss people off, probably won’t make a soul laugh, but – bugger it.  I’ll give it a bash, and maybe I’ll be able to educate, turn a buck, and in the process get a giggle or two.”

So there you have it: IMiversity.

Oh, also . . .

IMiversity is a prestigious university of the entirely ficticious variety, where students, of the almost entirely non-ficticious variety, learn internet marketing.

IMiversity.com is the digital version of the IMiversity student newspaper, a publication governed and operated by the student body and featuring articles and other media submitted by students and faculty members alike.

You may of course be wondering, Why bother? I mean, the papery version can be used as toilet paper, can’t it? To say nothing of its more popular use: rolling paper for marijuana.

Granted, hands up, there are decided drawbacks to a non-papery version, but you may still find it minutely useful.

An example, you ask?

Well, you won’t get ink stains on your bottom, will you?

Huge advantage.

Just think about how much money you’ll save on soap.  That bar of soap?  No ink stains to wash off?

Last you a good four or five semesters that will!