Tom Addams

About Tom Addams

A long time ago, in a galaxy not remotely far, far away, Tom Addams became an internet marketer. It was a primordial time. A time when viral marketing meant sitting at your computer with the flu. When social engagement was a thing to be avoided, since the dress code tended to prohibit pyjamas. Fast-forward to the current year and Tom is a successful digital entrepreneur and, through a pseudonym, a novelist and screenwriter. He lives with his wife and daughter in two universes: in the United Kingdom, where he was born, and on the IMiversity campus, where the students will know him as Professor Addams or indeed That Git Who Set Us Homework Over The Weekend, and he enjoys reading, sea fishing, travel, lecturing in his pyjamas, drinking copiously of the nectar that is vodka, playing poker with his monkeyservant Dennis, and writing in third-person. If your name is Cassandra Peterson, you are invited to contact him over here. If your name is not Cassandra Peterson, well, you can bugger off, can't you?