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Taken Your Tom - Tom Addams

Tom Addams.

Tom Addams is the author of the marketing book Month One and, over the past 23 years, he has developed dozens of popular digital ventures, along with being a novelist and screenwriter.

He lives with his wife and daughter in two universes: the United Kingdom, where he was born, and on the IMiversity campus, where the students will know him as Tom or That Git Who Set Me Homework Over The Weekend.

Tom enjoys teaching in his underpants and sock, drinking copiously of the nectar that is vodka, playing poker with his monkeyservant Dennis, and writing in third-person.

If you have arrived on this page hoping to purchase a twerking video of Tom, you will be sorely disappointed.  (Although, you never know, perhaps something can be worked out.)

On the other hand, if you want a friendly and professional coach, take a read of this page and then contact Tom for a free, no obligation chit-chat.

Student Reviews.

D.  Dylan.

I decided to invest in a few months of coaching from Tom after trying to figure out a new path in Internet Marketing I wanted to take. What I got in return was MUCH more than I ever expected. After nearly 14+ years in Internet Marketing, I thought I knew it all…but Tom opened my eyes to all sorts of unique approaches to both online traffic, quirky business models, and a ton more. His daily “lessons” are always jam-packed with amazing info, insights and strategies that are flat out AWESOME. I give Tom my highest praise and recommendation for not only IM newbies, but even so-called experienced pros. If you need a real kick in the a$$ to create a real, sustainable online business that you’ll love…then Tom is your man. It’ll be worth every damn penny and then some I can assure you.

Chris F.

I first came into the world of internet marketing a few years back and instantly fell in love with everything it encompasses. I knew from that initial moment that this was a market I wanted to be involved within. I spent many further hours after work with my head deep in the internet world in search for answers. I was curious. I had so many questions that needed answering. I knew then that I needed some guidance.

The nature of the internet lends itself to caution so at first I was very dubious about an IM coach. However, I decided to grab the bull by the horns and give it a go. I must say, the rest is history. I have been working with Tom for a number of months now and his knowledge, experience and attitude towards helping me learn is incredible. Tom encompasses all of my strengths and helps me to build upon my weaknesses in the most engaging of ways.

If you ask Tom about the best way to learn how to and make money online, his reply will be quite simple. Get your hands dirty and become involved. That is precisely what he has been helping me do. Tom sets me daily follow up tasks which help’s me to shape my own IM business into something that some months ago I could have only dreamt of it being.

To put it simply, if you have landed on this page looking for an experienced, dedicated and humorous IM coach then you’ve found your man.

Perry J.

Hi… Perry here.

After years of believing the same-ol-same-ol nonsense spewed by the so called gurus… and actually paying them to make me vomit up their garbage, and when it didn’t work, to re-eat…. the very vomit that infected me in the first place, time and time again, expecting different results…seriously? I was almost terminally ill. Finally I stumbled across IMIversity and met Tom… Things started to change. He opened my eyes, lifted the scales, showed me where the real money is. So, if you’re on the fence over this, do yourself a favour…come over to the fun-side of IM…

Michael L.

What can be said about a man who makes learning an absolute BLAST? BRILLIANT! ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! Tom’s teaching style is what any student with a brain dreams of! His ability to mix humour with educational material is unlike any other teacher out there. His level of patience and ability to be by your side while you work is remarkable. His knowledge of the industry, literally inside and out, gives you peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands. Any and all questions are answered in so much detail and with such real life examples, you’d think it was Google herself answering them. Never in my life have I ever been looking forward to studying ANY subject as I do with Tom. So, Thank you VERY much, Mr. Addams, for making IM such an enjoyable experience!

Tom W.

I have been trying to do Internet Marketing for several years and was at the verge of giving up. I have purchased huge amounts of ebooks and video training products that I just could not make work for me. Then I found out about Tom by reading some of his highly informative posts on the Warrior Forum. I was so impressed that I signed up for his coaching program.

I have gained more knowledge in the past 3 months of having Tom as my coach than all these other courses. I wish I had found him years ago! I certainly would have saved a lot of time and money.

You can work at your own pace and if you have questions Tom will take the time to explain it in a way it is easy too understand.

Tom even helped me to choose what niche was most suited for me and my talents and I am loving my new website Tom helped me design.

If you are struggling with getting started with your online business I suggest you look into Tom’s coaching. You won’t be disappointed!

Scott G.

The Methods taught at IMiversity are what’s happening now in the world of internet marketing. The coaching is tailored to your level of experience and puts you in a position to prosper from it. I feel that I have learned more from Tom’s coaching, than from any other source that I have looked into. I also believe that I can come back in the future and get help with other projects that I have plans for. I would recommend IMiversity to anyone who wants an arsenal of methods that are relevant to what’s happening today in the world of IM!

A. Anderson.

Being an avid collector of ideas that promote clarity, success and focus, I am often searching online for valuable information that I can add to my arsenal. The odd snippet of hip-pocket information that inspires, elevates and helps me implement practical, effective strategy to succeed professionally, not in my own business mind you, just in my day-to-day job.

Like many however, I have dreamed of having my own business, actually, it was a burning desire but I wasn’t acting on it. I needed that extra edge to boost my confidence to go out there and tackle my dreams. When I found Tom, it was by pure accident… or maybe we should call it, luck. I love a good online rabbit-hole and fell into one where I found Tom – he was sharing his insights on a public forum and I found myself “picking up what he was laying down” – I was very drawn to his teaching style, his consistent tone, humor and clarity. I was excited to reach out to him and his responses did not disappoint. It did not take long for me to sign on as a coaching student and I always look forward to Tom’s valuable insights, focused guidance, tailored expertise, enthusiasm and let’s not forget, entertainment. Tom weaves a little humor into the game plan (no pressure, Tom!) yet it doesn’t distract, I find that it enhances my creativity and ability to visually map out a long range view as well as see the little nuances along the way that will have high impact in the long run.

My ongoing interactions with Tom have only solidified my first impressions of his skills whether it is business marketing, modeling, strategy, technical implementation and more – he’s always thinking about “next moves” as we develop my business. I feel that we have a honest, friendly, creative dialog that fuels itself and gains momentum. Tom is not providing fluffy consulting and this is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s entirely custom and he’s using each of his talents as needed in highly effective ways while focusing my talents into bite size tasks that I can achieve. I feel that in partnering Tom’s talents with my own, my potential was elevated by 1000% which is not an exaggeration. I now feel prepared, capable and courageous and while that does not in and of itself guarantee success, it provided a deeply needed sense of stable, calm confidence so I could press forward with real action and not get caught up in self-doubt. I really don’t want to feed the beast that might be Tom’s ego but – seriously, the guy is all over it. I have no plans of growing into my business without him.

IMiversity Campus.

It has been said that the hallowed halls of academe at IMiversity are superior to Harvard University.

The person who said it was blind, stinking drunk at the time, but it has nevertheless been said.

As an IMiversity student, you will receive one-to-one private tuition from Tom on the IMiversity campus.

Housed on state-of-the-art forum software, vBulletin, you will receive a private lecture hall and dorm room, where, Monday to Friday, yourself and Tom will hang out together.

The purpose of your hanging out?

Tom will educate and mentor you and help you devise, develop, operate, and grow a professional online business.

(If you ask nicely, he may even share the vodka.)


Take action.

Your private tuition will be project-based.

  • Devise.
  • Develop.
  • Operate.
  • Grow.

Tom will help you decide on a suitable project.

You may have some ideas.  You may have no ideas whatsoever.

Tom will chat to you and assess your strengths and desires and pit those against ideal business models in the current climate.

Once a project has been decided upon, Tom will guide you and your education will be based around the project in hand.

We have found that a project-based curriculum is the ideal way to help a student:

You learn as you grow a business.

Option A.

This is a popular option for newbies. No experience is required. Tom will help you decide on the ideal project (that suits your current strengths) and will guide you from start to finish.

  • Two private student rooms on the IMiversity campus.
  • Private one-to-one coaching, Monday to Friday.
  • A customised, project-based curriculum.
  • Instruction via your private campus hall.
  • Coaching materials: text, along with various example media.
  • Devise, build, operate, and grow an online business.
  • Tom answers questions, educates, and guides you.
  • You can work at any pace.
  • Ideal option for industry newbies.

Price: £250/ Month.

Option B.

This is the option for students who wish to capitalize on Tom’s favourite niches and tactics.  Ideal for newbies, Option B includes Option A features, along with additional features that aim to give you a distinct advantage.

  • Two private student rooms on the IMiversity campus.
  • One professional website design (not each month).
  • Private one-to-one coaching, Monday to Friday.
  • A customised, project-based curriculum.
  • Instruction via your private campus hall.
  • Coaching materials: text, along with various example media.
  • Devise, build, operate, and grow an online business.
  • Tom answers questions, educates, and guides you.
  • You can work at any pace.
  • Ideal option for industry newbies.
  • Time with Tom is prioritised over Option A students.
  • Access to Tom’s favourite niches and tactics.

It would take Tom years to teach all of his favourite tactics.  When you select Option B, Tom will explain his preferred niches, and you will be taught his favourite tactics in a progressive manner, as you and he work on the project together.

Price: £750/ Month.

Option C.

Option C is made available to the student who wishes an entirely hands-off experience.  Tom will function as both teacher and project manager.  You and he will decide on the project and Tom will explain his managerial role.

  • Two private student rooms on the IMiversity campus.
  • One professional website design (not each month).
  • Private one-to-one coaching, Monday to Friday.
  • A customised, project-based curriculum.
  • Instruction via your private campus hall.
  • Coaching materials: text, along with various example media.
  • Devise, build, operate, and grow an online business.
  • A monthly webinar held by a special guest.
  • Time is prioritised over Option A and B students.
  • Access to Tom’s favourite niches and tactics.
  • No student work is required.
  • Your project/ business will utilise outsourcing.
  • Outsourced materials are not included in our price.
  • Tom functions in a managerial capacity.

Price: £5,000/ Month.

Chat to Tom.

Fill in the form below and we’ll have a chat.

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