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IMiversity Enrolment

Why enrol
at IMiversity?
Because it’s . . .
Something different.

Tom Addams is the best internet marketer in the universe. (According to his mummy.)  And when you enrol as an IMiversity student, you put Tom on your team.

You get his knowledge.

You get his creativity.

You get his energy.

You get his promise:

I almost never turn up drunk to lectures, and even when I do, my undies are rarely dirty.

IMiversity students receive their education, taught by Tom, Monday to Friday, on a state-of-the-art virtual campus.

We offer 2 types of teaching program:

  • Courses.  Tom runs different courses throughout the year.  (When you contact us, ask about his current courses.)   Our courses are an inexpensive alternative to tutoring, since communication with Tom is unavailable on courses, where the aim is to give you daily module installments and, upon successful completion of a course, award you with a digital certificate.
  • Tutoring.  For students who need one-to-one education, Tom, when available, will become your tutor.  Tom will help you decide on projects that are a match for your strengths, and throughout the week, Monday to Friday, Tom will educate and guide you.  Whether you have no experience, or years of industry experience, when you hire Tom, you put Tom on your team.

Our support staff are available to answer your questions. 

If you would like to learn more, without any pressure of having to enrol, by all means contact us right away.

Ask about our courses.
Ask about our tutoring.
Ask Tom to wear clean undies.

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