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1. All of the characters and fictional situations and stories on this website and on any media related to is purely that, fictional, and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or real events, is purely coincidental.

2. is a business based and operated from the United Kingdom.  The author of is British, has always been a British resident, and we therefore apologize if any of the colloquialisms on are found to be misleading.  Sometimes words have different meanings outside of the United Kingdom, so we apologize for any possible misunderstandings.

3. is owned and operated by the author, but in an informal capacity he often considers it a family business; which is to say, he will often ask his wife, daughters, and mother and father for their opinion and advice, something he values beyond measure.

4.  If you would like to contact the owner/ author of, we invite you to use this online form: Click here for the form.

5. was established in November, 2015.  It started out as a domain.

6.  In 2016, became a digital campus.  On the back of, a vBulletin forum was installed, and since 2016 to the present day, the owner of has taught his private students on marketing subjects that fall under the umbrella heading of “internet marketing.”

7.  Throughout 2016 and early 2017, employed a “coming soon” page on the index domain of the website.  The owner of was, throughout this period, developing the blog that you are able to enjoy today.  In April 2017, the blog was officially opened to the public.

8.  The owner of IMiversity uses fictional characters, stories, events, and often places (IM Land, for example) that are not based on real people, living or dead, or real events, and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or real events, is purely coincidental and in no way, therefore, intended.  His fictional characters, stories, events, and places are employed in order to make different to competing websites of a similar nature.  Such elements used by the owner of represent his efforts to brand his business and, in so doing, penetrate the market and grow within that market.

9. does not support hate speech or hate crimes, or any other crimes for that matter, nor does wish you to misinterpret any words or stories or characters on this website that would suggest anything different.

10.  Furthermore, does not support racism or sexism or hate crimes or speech in regards sexual preference.

11.  The owner of, sincerely, does not wish to cause offense, and does not wish for anyone to misinterpret, in a negative light, any of the materials on, or indeed the material owned by that can be found elsewhere (such as social networks).

12.  A family man, with 2 children and 2 grandchildren, the owner of would, as well as the above, like you to know the following: I sincerely do not wish for the characters or stories on, or anything related to them, to cause offense, or to be misinterpreted in a negative light.  All of the materials on are intended to bring about positive effects in the world.  I wish to help people.  I wish to educate people and, while I’m doing that, entertain them with stories that I honestly hope are considered harmless and fun and often funny.  If the materials give you another impression, that was not the intention.  I would never knowingly offend or hurt anyone.

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