From time to time, you can receive special offers from IMiversity.  You’ll find our current offers below.  Dig in and see if you find anything you like, and to ensure you don’t miss future offers, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  Regards, Dean Bearbottom.


Hire Tom as Your Tutor.

Taken your Tom today?  If you need a private tutor (otherwise known as a coach), Tom Addams is available.  Students are taught on the IMiversity digital campus, where each student receives their own private room.  Contact Tom today and you’ll receive a free, no pressure consultation.  You can then get to know Tom and decide if you’d like to enrol as a student.

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Get a Free Website Design.

Does the thought of designing your own website make you turn to the bottle?  Well, IMiversity Design will do it for you.  (Design we mean, not turn to the bottle.  Unless it’s a Friday night.)  So if you need a website, contact us for a chat.  This offer is available to U.S residents and we ask that you buy hosting (it only costs a few dollars) through our affiliate link.

Special Course: PPL 101.

PPL 101 is an intensive 14-day course taught by Tom Addams.  You will learn an inexpensive way to setup a professional affiliate business that promotes PPL offers (free offers).  It is far easier to give something away for free than ask your audience for money, as Tom will show you.  Contact us right away for course details.  The price is £50 (United Kingdom currency.)

If you contact us today, a member of staff will read your message, sip their tea, devour 11 chocolate biscuits, have a scratch, watch at least 2 episodes of I Love Lucy, and then they’ll IMMEDIATELY get back to you.

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Hire Tom as Your TutorGet a Free Website DesignSpecial Course: PPL 101