Tom Picks Tom's Brain - The Prequel: Ask Tom Anything!

Tom Picks
Tom’s Brain
The Prequel
Issue #1:
Ask Tom Anything!

by Tom Addams

Legal Disclaimer.

All of the characters and fictional situations and stories within this blog post are purely that, fictional, and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or real events, is purely coincidental. Read: Our Legal Page. Read: About Tom & IMiversity.


What follows is part of a series.

Issue #1: Ask Tom Anything!
Issue #2: Ten Light-Hearted Questions!
Issue #3: The Talking Hairbrush 2000!
Issue #4: The Dream-Chat 10,000!.

Tom, Other Tom, Ricky, John, Rik, and Monty.

Oh, bugger! It’s got eyes!
– Tom Addams & Other Tom

I’ve never regretted turning money down. I don’t do anything for the money. It bores me.
– Ricky Gervais

I can never do better than Fawlty Towers whatever I do. Now I very much want to teach young talent some rules of the game.
– John Cleese

I’m frightened of interviews.
– Rik Mayall

And now for something completely different.
– Monty Python.

Win Free Tuition!

More exciting than winning a damp herring. More mind-blowing than winning a damp fisherman holding a damp herring. This is your chance to win 2 free days of private tuition from Tom. Yes yes!

IMiversity Campus

Our Tom Picks Tom’s Brain: The Prequel post runs from May 8th, 2017, to June 8th, 2017.  During this period Tom will read all of your questions.  On June 8th, he will pick his favourite question.

If Tom picks your question, he will contact you and offer you this – all for free:

  • 2 days of private, one-to-one tutoring.
  • 2 days of access to your own private lecture hall.

Ask your questions (as many as you like) in the comments below and be sure to include a working email address so that Tom can get in touch.

All the best!

A Short Introduction

Ask me anything you like.

Love and kisses,


A Tall Introduction.

IMiversity has been around since 2015.

It started out as a domain in November, 2015.  Then, in early 2016, it became a digital campus (housed on a vBulletin forum) for our students.  For over a year Tom has taught internet marketing to students from around the world, almost a dozen different countries by now, and he still does so to this day.  Monday to Friday, Tom hangs out on campus with his students, teaching and helping them develop and grow their online projects.  Why does he do it?  Well, according to Tom, “It’s the best way I know to avoid doing the dishes.”  But what if Tom gave us a serious, non-jokey answer?  I think the story would be something very different.  Something like this:

“Teaching is the best way I know to talk about buttocks.”

Which is what this blog post is all about, teaching.  Not buttocks, teaching.  Tom Picks Tom’s Brain: The Prequel offers you free education.  We launched the front of IMiversity (this blog) in April of 2017, but a blog is not the perfect way to teach.  Yes, you can ask questions in the form of comments under a post, but what if the blog post is not about the right subject?  What if you need answers about flipping your domain?  But what if the blog post in question is about video marketing?  Well, Tom Picks Tom’s Brain: The Prequel will solve that problem.

You can ask Tom any question you like.

Tom Picks Tom’s Brain: The Prequel:

  • It will run for 30 days.
  • May 8th, 2017, to June 8th, 2017.
  • Ask Tom anything (in the comments below).
  • Tom will answer his favourite questions.
  • His answers will appear in this series of blog posts.
  • Ask personal questions.
  • Ask questions about online marketing.
  • Ask questions about IMiversity.
  • Whatever you fancy – ask away.

We call this a prequel because we plan to release Tom Picks Tom’s Brain: Issue #1 a little later in the year, and we hope to release many more such issues in the future.

The prequel is our way of doing a few things:

  • To plug IMiversity.
  • To add splendid material to IMiversity.
  • To give you free education.
  • And to let Tom do what he loves:
  • Talk about buttocks.

Tom and I hope you’ll take part in our project and enjoy the experience.

And now – let the brain picking begin!

Kind regards,
Other Tom

Read Issue #2:
Ten Light-Hearted Questions!

Tom Addams

Tom Addams

Professor of Pyjamas
A long time ago, in a galaxy not remotely far, far away, Tom Addams became an internet marketer. It was a primordial time. A time when viral marketing meant sitting at your computer with the flu. When social engagement was a thing to be avoided, since the dress code tended to prohibit pyjamas. Fast-forward to the current year and Tom is a successful digital entrepreneur and, through a pseudonym, a novelist and screenwriter. He lives with his wife and daughter in two universes: in the United Kingdom, where he was born, and on the IMiversity campus, where the students will know him as Professor Addams or indeed That Git Who Set Us Homework Over The Weekend, and he enjoys reading, sea fishing, travel, lecturing in his pyjamas, drinking copiously of the nectar that is vodka, playing poker with his monkeyservant Dennis, and writing in third-person. If your name is Cassandra Peterson, you are invited to contact him over here. If your name is not Cassandra Peterson, well, you can bugger off, can't you?
Tom Addams
Tom Addams